Balwyn Yoga Centre


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Yoga has now become a popular form of body and mind, health and exercise, and the Balwyn Yoga Centre was the first Melbourne based school established in 1968. The founder and principal of the school has always been business savvy which has reflected in the continual success and growth of the school, but with increased popularity and local competition, it was important to create a fresh brand and web presence to attract a younger generation of students whilst retaining the current student mix.

Go To Wo was commissioned to create a new brand and range of promotional assets, each serving a particular purpose in the ongoing marketing of the school. From a responsive website and uniform for teaching staff, through to introduction flyers, posters and building signage, we wanted to project an image of business professionalism, not just the typical perception of Swamis in kaftans.

Photography was key to the image of the school and with budget restrictions and a choice of amateur school photos, we sourced a series of dynamic but correct yoga pose stock images which were utilised across all marketing material. The website was created in WordPress to be responsive on all phone, tablet and PC platforms, as research showed the timetable was one of the most resourced pages.

Business has increased and remained in a growth phase since the launch, with a strong web presence thanks to a targeted and customised SEO component to generate enquires. The client is a happy yogi.